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Art 101 177pc Wooden Case Art Set

Here’s the truth: on average, an MBA will make more money than an MFA. But here’s another truth: in the first year, they’re both going to be struggling. Only the MFA will be able to say things like “sell out bourgeoisie pigs!” and spend all their free time sketching attractive people in cafes, while the MBA is going to be sitting in never-ending meetings and kissing butt. Sure, the payoff will EVENTUALLY be larger, but is it really worth it? Is it really worth it?

Okay, well, it probably is, because you want them to buy you a good retirement beach house some day. But hear us out, because we’ve got a plan! Buy this Art 101 177 piece Wooden Case Art Set and give it to them while they’re young. Nobody expects a kid to be producing a six figure income, right? And they’ll happily dream and create with the pastels and watercolors and pencils and brushes and eraser and all that. And then, sometime around high school, you start telling them the truth. The hard truth. The truth that says an artist’s representative is going to take about 40% right off the top on a good day.

And then, around that time, they’ll start thinking about maybe focusing on business. But guess what? They’ll have a strong background in art to fall back on! And by “fall back” we mean “being able to impress people with a quick sketch on a napkin.” Don’t laugh, you’d be surprised at how desperate people can get during a boring meeting.

And someone who can draw AND do a pie chart that clearly and precisely breaks down the expenses of expanding into a new market? That’s the sort of person who gets noticed around promotion time. Especially in that all-important first year.

It’s like they say in the business world: diversify to succeed.

Art Set
Dimensions (closed): 15″L x 10″W x 3.5″D
Dimensions (open): 31″L x 5.25″H x 15″D

In the Box:

 Art 101 55177 177-piece Art Set in Wooden Case includes:

  • (60) Crayons
  • (34) Broad Markers
  • (24) Color Pencils
  • (24) Watercolor Cakes
  • (24) Oil Pastels
  • (3) Clear Plastic Mixing Palettes
  • (2) Paint Brushes
  • (2) Sketch Pencils
  • (1) Pencil Sharpener
  • (1) Eraser
  • (1) Color Chart
  • (1) Wooden Case



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