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MailTabs Brings Tabbed Email Reading to [Downloads]

Mac only: Apple’s Mail app can do a lot of things well (after all, it is one of your favorite email clients), but it annoyingly opens everything in a new window. MailTabs is a free plugin that adds tabs to Apple’s More » Lifehacker: downloads

Annyong Turns Any Directory On Your Computer into a Local File Server [Downloads]

Annyong is a Ruby executable that runs cross-platform and can quickly turn any directory on your computer into a local fileserver. There are a lot of directory- and file-listing file scripts out there, but Annyong will start a lightweight web server in any directory of your choosing so all you have to do is point […]

Top 10 Micro-Apps for Windows and Mac OS X [Lifehacker Top 10]

Your Windows system tray and Mac OS X menubar have become prime real estate for highly functional micro-applications that provide easy access to information, settings, and tasks. Here are our top ten favorites for both Windows and Mac. More » Lifehacker: downloads

This Week In Downloads [Download Roundup]

Check out this week’s most-awesomest, must-check-out downloads from Lifehacker: More » Lifehacker: downloads