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Cooper Hand Tool Bundle

Like, it’s REALLY annoying the way you people keep making ASSUMPTIONS about how days work. Do you think “Toolsday” automatically has to be between Monday and Wednesday? Just because of how it sounds?

You don’t look at the 13oz Curve Claw Hammer and say “A hammer? That’s like Thor! I bet they’re only going to sell that on Thor’s Day!” And you don’t look at the 7-in-1 Interchangeable Bit Screwdriver and say “I could use that to fix the screws on my boat! That’s where I catch the fish I fry! I bet this will sell on Fry Day!”

And yet, the moment something rhymes, the whole world goes crazy. “Oh! Oh! 6″ Combination Slip Joint Pliers! That must be a Tool’s Day item, like the 2-Piece Aviation Snips or the 3-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set! Because it rhymes! It all rhymes! Hooray for my grasp of the English language! Hooray!”

You know who I blame? Radio DJ’s. It wasn’t for Zep-tember none of this would ever have entered the public consciousness. Did anyone ever rhyme in 1955? NO. NOT EVEN ONCE.

13oz Curve Claw Hammer:
  • Weight: 13oz
  • Dimensions: 12.5″ L x 4.75″ W x 1.25″ H
Crescent Dura Driver 7-in-1 Interchangeable Bit Screwdriver:
  • #1 Phillips, #2 Phillips, 3/16″ (5mm) Slotted, 9/32″ (7mm) Slotted, 1/4″ (6mm), 5/16″ (8mm), 7/16″ (11mm) nut drivers
  • Dimensions: 9.75″ L x 1.75″ D
Crescent 6″ Combination Slip Joint Pliers:  

  • Dimensions: 6″ L x 2″ W x 0.50″ H
WISS 2-Piece Aviation Snips:
  • Multi-Purpose Snips: 9″ L x 3.5″ W x 0.75″ H
  • Long Cut Aviation Snips: 11″ L x 3.5″ W x 0.75″ H
Gear Wench 3-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set:
  • 6″ Adjustable Wrench: 6″ L x 1.75″ W x 0.25″ H
  • 8″ Adjustable Wrench: 8″ L x 2.25″ W x 0.375″ H
  • 10″ Adjustable Wrench: 10″ L x 2.625″ W x 0.50″ H

In the Box:

  • (1) 13oz Curve Claw Hammer
  • (1) Crescent Dura Driver 7-in-1 Interchangeable Bit Screwdriver
  • (1) Crescent 6″ Combination Slip Joint Pliers
  • (1) WISS 2-Piece Aviation Snips
  • (1) Gear Wench 3-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set



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