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Core Bamboo 16-Pc Drawer Organizer Set

“How did you have your checkbook?”

Phil passed Danielle the first of the four 3″ x 9″ Rectangular Containers for the kitchen drawers.

“They always say to bring a checkbook. And my dad put a little extra in my account since he knew we were hunting.”

Danielle put the 6″ x 12″ Rectangular container in the sink, briefly, to lightly soap it before wiping it dry.

“I never, never EVER would have expected to find a place like this on our first try.”

Danielle smiled as she compared two of the four 3″ x 6″ Rectangular Containers with one of the two 6″ x 6″ Square Containers.

“See? It’s what I’ve been telling you. This was destiny.”

Phil playfully measured one 6″ x 9″ Rectangular Containers in the closet in the hall.

“Hey, this thing fits! Can we keep the pizza coupons in here?”

“I didn’t hear that!” shouted Danielle, washing off the 3″ x 12″ Rectangular Container.

“Yeah, the acoustics are horrible. Maybe when we get the furniture in.”

Danielle picked up one of the other three 6″ x 9″ Rectangular Containers and hit the back, like a gong. Then she stared into the sky, as though watching the sound dissipate.

“Hmm. You’re right. But guess what? I bet I know what it would take to make this place perfect!”


Danielle smiled. “A bed.”

Phil came back into the kitchen.

In the Box:

(1)  Core Bamboo 10910 Bamboo 16-Piece Drawer Organizer Set includes:

  • (4) 3″ x 6″ Rectangular Container
  • (4) 3″ x 9″ Rectangular Container
  • (1) 3″ x 12″ Rectangular Container
  • (2) 6″ x 6″ Square Container
  • (4) 6″ x 9″ Rectangular Container
  • (1) 6″ x 12″ Rectangular Container




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