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Core Bamboo Prep Station with Bowls

Yeah, it’s cool. Not like we’re still in high school, right? But boy, those were the days. I remember hanging out by the lockers, wearing a pink polo, poppin’ the ol’ collar and talking about Maroon 5. Here, hold this colorful silicone bowl for a second. No, not like that, that’s how a poseur would hold it. You’ve gotta hold it like this! The prep way! Also, you’ve gotta spell poseur with a u.

Okay, let me just chop up some of these apple slices here- done! Notice how perfectly sliced they get? And check out the laser-engraved measurement conversion chart. That’s hot, right? Kinda like my hair and my expensive alligator shoes. I bought them because they go so nice with the baby blue sweater around my neck. I’d be happy to show you where I got this, if you ever want to give up that leather Anthrax jacket. Not knockin’ ya. I mean, I saw The Breakfast Club too. I know friendship has nothing to do with style … but who you are inside.

But look, man, this is quality bamboo, so don’t go opening your punk rock records on it, okay? If you want to do that, buy a second one. We can call that the Core Bamboo Punk Station or the Core Bamboo Goth Station or whatever. Not that I think you’re a goth. I’m just saying, you know?

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t I give you this sweater and the Prep Station and let you do everything yourself? No, really, everything! And I’ll wear your leather jacket and set the table by setting the plates down at random. Anarchy reigns, right? Ha ha! It’ll be like we’ve switched roles! Oh, wait, wait, don’t wear my sweater that way, I’ve got the fold of those sleeves very specific. I’ll just … um …

Fine. I’ll use the Core Bamboo Prep Station and you set the table. And then, we’ll have dinner and make fun of the dumb jocks together. Sound good? All right! I knew we’d find common ground eventually.

Overall Dimensions: L 18″ x W 12″ x H 2.75″
Bottom Opening Dimensions: L 16.25″ x W 12″ x H 2″
Measuring Cup Sizes:
  • 1-Cup
  • 1/2-Cup
  • 1/3-Cup
  • 1/4-Cup

In the Box:

  • (1) Core Bamboo 10902 Prep Station with Bowls  



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