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Corsair Analog Gaming Headset

Use this: to extract pleasure from your sound card, as a vampire bat extracts succulent blood from a haunch.

Don’t use this: to talk to your mom on Skype, unless you are playing some kind of game with her. Some kind of MIND GAME.

If this were a sports broadcaster, it would say: “I’m wearing a smaller version of myself!!”

In 99.9% of uses, this doesn’t: trap you in a virtual-reality version of the game you’re playing. And you’re not playing for a high score anymore — you’re playing for YOUR LIFE.

The only way to make this better would be: to add a little more padding to the top so that, if gravity suddenly reverses itself, you’ll land safely on the ceiling.

Drivers: 50mm
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms @ 1kHz
Dynamic Range: 95 dB (A-weighted)
Connector: 3.5mm
Cable Length: Approx 10 feet
Type: Unidirectional Noise-Canceling Condenser
Frequency Range: 100Hz – 10kHz
Impedance: 2.2k ohms
Sensitivity: -41 dB (?3 dB)
Connector: 3.5mm


In the box:

  • Corsair CA-9011111-WW Vengeance 1300 Analog Gaming Headset



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