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Discovery Kids Firefly Night Lights

Our buying team’s really enthused about this Discovery Kids Firefly Night Light. But in the excitement they’ve misplaced their dictionaries! Help them find the right words to explain exactly how this cuddly toy teaches children the beauty and wonder of constellations.

“________!” said Billy, as he jumped into his _________ and dove under the covers of his __________. “I can’t wait to snuggle up with my Discovery Kids Firefly Night Light and learn about the star patterns!”

Billy’s ___________ laughed. “Not so fast, ______________! You’ve still got to __________ your ___________ and ___________ your ____________!”

“Okay, fine.” Billy set down his Discovery Kids Firefly Night Light and started toward the ______________. But, as soon as his ______________ was out of sight, Billy ______________ back to flip the auto-cycling button. His ceiling lit up with bright lights! Blue, white, green, he cycled through them all as he ______________ under the ______________ ______________!

“Hey, I hear that, mister!” Billy turned toward the door in shock. But standing there was his ______________ with a ______________ on ______________ face. Billy felt relieved.

“Look at all the stars!” Billy ______________.

______________ laughed too. “I knew when I bought you this Discovery Kids Firefly Night Light, you’d love it.”

“I sure do!” ______________ Billy. “How age appropriate! Not at all like the things some people are writing in these blanks!”

______________ sighed, and began to ______________ ______________, inviting Billy over to ______________ ______________. “It’s the Internet, darling. They can’t help themselves.”

Firefly Night Lights
Dimensions: 12″ L x 8.5″ W x 5.5″ H
Star Colors:
  • Green Firefly ~ Blue, Green or Red
  • Red Firefly ~ Blue, Red or Amber
Country of Origin: China
Batteries: 3 “AAA’s” (not included)

In the Box:

  • (1) Discovery Kids Firefly Night Lights



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