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Flash In The Brain Pan: Duty Hill and/or Drift

Veterans Day is today, and we’re of two minds about how to approach our weekly flash post. On one hand, some people will be very much wanting a military-style game, since they’re thinking about the troops. And on a day like today that kinda makes sense. So you’re looking for some soldier action, you should check out Duty Hill.


duty hill


You’re a lone soldier, trying to hold your post. They’re the advancing army, trying to bring you down. Using the mouse to aim and fire, you’ve got to take them out as best as you can, and hopefully survive long than they do. As you’d expect, it’s pretty hard to stay alive!

Then, on the other side of life, you’ll find the people who don’t care to fight any more. Plenty of troops came home from World War I hoping it would be the last battle the world would ever know. In fact, the whole point of Veterans Day was to honor those who sacrificed with the hope no one would ever have to sacrifice again. So if you’re feeling like a peaceful game might be your cup of tea today, we’ve still got you covered. Head over to Drift.




In this game, you’re a lone kitty cat. You’re running through a field on a summery day. Click to jump on the balloons above your head, and then move the mouse towards the next bubble so you can jump on that. The incidental music and backgrounds are ridiculously sweet, and it’s hard not to smile as you play.

Veterans Day means different things to different people, so we’re not going to tell you how to celebrate it. We just hope that whichever side of the fence you fall on, it’s a nice weekend for you and those you love.


Woot! – One Day, One Deal


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