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Flash In The Brain Pan: Missilebreak Outvaders

Missilebreak Outvaders is a rare sort of game that makes you rethink everything you knew about how to play three other games. You see, these Space Invaders are using their Missile Command to try and destroy your cities, and you’ve got to Breakout from their control and knock the missiles back at them. For real, take a look:




That’s three different classic 80s games, somehow combined in a way that changes them all. And yet, they fit like they were always intended to fit, and even a casual first time player can manage a decent enough score.


darn it


Until they find a way to combine Rally-X with Tempest, Missilebreak Outvaders is going to be the most fun video game mashup in the world. Get over there and get to playing!


Woot! – One Day, One Deal


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