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Flash In The Brain Pan: Warlight

Want to get good and angry before the weekend? Let’s spend the morning playing a little Warlight.


nothing personal india


One look at that map and you’ll know what kind of game this is. Drop your armies, plan your attacks, watch your turn, feel the rush. Warlight‘s a Risk clone, and it it’s pretty solid too. Of course, like all games of Risk, it’s just not complete until you knock over your chair and start yelling about how there’s no way the computer could have predicted the one crucial attack which… well, you’ve all played the game. And today you can play it again!



purple could still pull it off



When you’re winning, boy, Warlight is the greatest game ever. Then when you get to the higher levels, and start doing battle against multiple opponents, it’s a terribly programmed piece of crap. But it’s a crap that keeps you coming back, because who secretly doesn’t want to be master of the world? Head over, check it out, and be sure to post your war stories inside. In victory you deserve to gloat, and in defeat you probably need to talk about it.


Woot! – One Day, One Deal


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