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Guy Fieri Chopper 5.5″ Santoku Knife

It’s finally here! Legendary director Berdinand Brooster brings his hit one-knife musical to the shining lights of the big city.

In a story that mixes comedy with drama, a famous knife travels to a small town to chop its biggest onion in front of a live studio audience. Will it successfully make the cut, or will it be put away in the shelf before it gets the chance?

Starring the Guy Fieri Chopper 5.5″ Santoku Knife, Bye Bye Knifey has all of the catchy songs and dance numbers of a Broadway musical, all performed by one multi-talented knife.  

Bye Bye Knifey is sure to be a runaway hit. Reserve your tickets today!


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  • (1)  Guy Fieri 5056 Knuckle Sandwich Chopper 5.5″ Santoku Knife



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