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iLuv Mo’Beats Bluetooth Speaker Stand

Now, who’s hot who not
Tell me who hops to Sellout.Woot
You tell me who flopped who rocked the BlueTooth
Who USB got mini, who’s mostly lithium-ion
rechargable, the same ol’ slim
case, you know ain’t nuttin change but my tin
Can’t stop till I see my name on a Tim
Cook device pullin all the plugs
You don’t believe in 5-pin double up
We don’t play around take a beat, lay it down
Figure you didn’t know my sound bet they know me now
I’m the young iLuv speaker with the decent sound
Can’t no JBL speakers hold me down, woofers
schooled me how to play, now I know my lutey
tones stay low blow shake that booty
True pimp speakers save that dough for you, see
And then ya yell that sound system be a beauty.

I don’t know what, they want from me
It’s like the more beats we come across
The [FEWER audio-related] problems we see

  • Connectors: miniUSB, Aux
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth; 3.5mm Jack

In the box:

Tablet not included.

  • iLuv iSP245 Mo’Beats Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Stand
  • Charging Cable



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