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LG 80W 2.1CH Speaker Dock with AirPlay

Use this: to stream your iTunes library over your home network with Apple’s AirPlay service.

Don’t use this: to airnet your library apples with your service play over streamwork home tunes.

In 99.9% of uses, this doesn’t: add an early-’90s style “new jack swing” rhythm track to classic pop songs.

A real Amazon review of this product states: “its cute and gosh it looks like a million dollar! goes great with my decor blends well with my leather furnitures, sound quality is OMG amazing i definitely will use it and abuse it until it cant work no more!”

This will make you popular with: the tiny cavemen who live under your couch. They will worship you as a God, and the LG Speaker Dock as your monolith. But after years of praying to you, believing in you, making offerings to you, their short, brutal lives will probably be as full of suffering as ever. They will start to turn against you. To profane you. To deny your divinity. The people, Godless, rudderless, will give themselves over to all manner of debauchery and wantonness. The apostasy will spread like deadly fire as the mob rises to lay waste your monolith. Desolation shall reign. All is desolation.

Total Output: 80W
Power Output: 20W x 2-Channels + 40W (8? + 4? @ 1 kHz) 10% THD
Function Selector: Tuner, USB Host, Portable In, iPod/iPhone/iPad, AirPlay (WPS), Bluetooth
Speaker Out: Front Left/Right
Radio Antenna: FM Antenna
Direct docking type: 30-pin iPod / iPhone / iPad
Audio Input: Portable In (3.5mm)
Wireless: 802.11b/g
Time Sync: Yes
Clock/Alarm/Snooze: Yes
Random Play: Yes
Repeat 1/All: Yes
Skip – Fwd/Rev: Yes
EQ Setting: Normal, Pop, Classic, Rock, Jazz
Mute: Yes
Radio Type: PLL
Band: FM
Tuning Range: FM – 87.5 – 108.0MHz (50kHz)
Station Preset: 10 (Random)
Station Memory/Clear: Yes
Power: 110 or 220/230V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 9.65″(W) x 9.65″(H) x 9.65″(D)
Weight: 13.23 lbs


In the box:

  • LG ND8520 80W 2.1-Channel 30-pin iPod/iPhone/iPad Speaker Dock with AirPlay
  • Remote Control
  • FM Antenna
  • AC Adapter
  • iPad Backrest
  • Manual



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