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LoopRope 5′ Buoy Rope – 2 Pack

“Here’s your present!”

“For what?”

“Haha. ‘For what?’ That’s good. Go ahead and open it!”

“OK, but I really don’t know what…

“Happy Buoy Rope day!”

“It’s a rope for tying a boat to a dock?”

“Well yeah. It’s your Buoy Rope Day present. I got you the 2-pack of the 5′ model. Pretty swanky, eh? Eh? Looks like somebody’s a good friend.”

“I’m not sure I’ve heard of Buoy Rope Day.”

“Really? Is that not a tradition here?”

“If it’s a holiday in which you give your friends utilitarian marine gear, then no, definitely not.”

“Oh man, what a shame! I have so many fond memories of Buoy Rope Days of yore. Like the time my friend got me a 7′ buoy rope. Or the blizzard of ’05 when I trudged through six-foot snowdrifts to deliver some synthetic buoy ropes.”

“Where are you from?”


“You get snow in Mauritania?”

“Gotta run. A favorable Buoy Rope Day to you and yours!”

In the box:

(2) LoopRope 5BRB-B2PK-C 5ft Buoy Rope



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