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Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Bundle

Tell a thirteen year old they’ve got to make sandwiches all summer, and what will you hear? MOM! DAD! NOOOOOO! Tell a nineteen year old they’ve got to make pizzas all summer and what will they say? MAN, I WANTED TO DO STUFF WITH MY BUDS! Tell your three year old you bought them some Melissa & Doug play food and they’ll say thank you- IF they aren’t too busy opening the box.

And why is this? Well, that’s simple. A teenager sees making food as a chore, an obstacle, something standing between them and their goal of doing whatever they want. A pre-schooler, though? They aren’t allowed to turn on the oven and open the fridge and use the pizza cutter! So of COURSE it’s exciting to them! And it’s safe, too, because Melissa & Doug know what they’re doing in the toy workshop.

Just be aware, ordering a kid-sized deep fat fryer is both unsafe AND unhealthy.

In the box:

Melissa and Doug Pizza Party includes:

  • (1) Pizza Tray
  • (1) 6-Piece “Slicable” Pizza
  • (54) Pizza Toppings
  • (1) Pizza Cutter
  • (1) Server
  • (1) Wood Storage Box

Melissa and Doug Sandwich Making Set includes:

  • (18) Mix-and-Match Sandwich Pieces
  • (1) Toy Wooden Knife

Melissa and Doug Birthday Party includes:

  • (1) 6-Slice Cake
  • (1) Serving Plate
  • (19) Toppings
  • (7) Candles
  • (1) Wooden Spatula
  • (1) Wood Storage Box

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set includes:

  • (12) Wooden Cookies
  • (12) Decorating Pieces
  • (1) Toy Wooden Knife
  • (1) Toy Wooden Spatula
  • (1) Oven Mitt
  • (1) Cookie Tray
  • (1) Cookie Tube



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