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Motorola Gaming Headset for PC

We’ve caught some heat from our community in the past for selling these Motorola PC Gaming Headsets because they are sort of, in a way, one could say, for lack of a better phrase, in some sense, not good.

Now, we usually try to sell things that are good. And maybe our community could cut us a little slack since most of the time we achieve this task. But every once in a while we slip up, and, you know, sell a piece of crap.

So to make up for it, we’re basically going to sell these to you for a price that insults not only our business but the entire idea of business. It’s hard for us to even think about how much money we’re going to lose selling these things at this price. It’s as though you’re using these few dollar bills to slap us directly in the face.

Don’t get us wrong – these things are definitely better than nothing. Well, except for that fancy designer nothing they’re selling over at We can’t compete with that stuff.

  • Dimensions: 2.99″ x 6.97″ x 6.97″
  • Weight: 6.62 oz

In the box:

  • Motorola x205 Gaming Headset for PC
  • 8 Foot Interface Cable with 2.5mm Connector to Headset & USB Connection to PC



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