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Proactive Procrastinator

Oh man, it’s 5:30 and we still haven’t done the Shirt.Woot writeup? How does this keep happening? Well, let’s get something out there. Let’s see…

The year: 1491. Christopher Columbus plans the unthinkable: A voyage to India by sea, to the West. However, he keeps putting off asking the Queen of Spain for funds, until the whole plan eventually falls through the cracks. 

No, no, no. That’s dumb. Uhhhh, what else? We really need to get home to feed our cat. We can’t stay at the office much longer. Oooo! Cats! Our audience loves cats. 

You know who are the worst procrastinators? Cats. Because they never do anything ever. They just sit around like dumb idiots. 

OK. That didn’t go very well. Guess there wasn’t much flesh to that idea. Oh God, it’s 6:30…why can’t we do a stupid freakin’ writeup?

Now here’s a thought: What if we did a writeup that was so bad that our editor had to come in and completely re-write the whole thing? That’s it! Now, what would make the most perfectly imperfect Shirt.Woot writeup? 

This shirt dumb. 

Perfect! Now we can just sit back, relax, and watch it get revamped. High five, selves. 



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