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Corelle Livingware 16pc Set-Your Choice

Hi Everybody! It gives me great pleasure to invite you to our first DINNER PARTY of 2013! Our theme this time is: DEMOCRACY, which means that you, as our guest, will play an important role in what kind of party it turns into! You’ll be voting on EVERYTHING for the dinner party, from the food […]

P’Kolino 3 Puzzle Sets – Your Choice

“Tim,” said the CEO. “Is that a three-piece puzzle set on your desk? With bugs? Or robots? And you’re showing it off at WORK? Come with me, Tim. I’m giving you a promotion.” Or at least, that’s what WOULD happen, Ella thought, if her father would ever take the P’Kolino 3 Puzzle Sets she kept […]

Your Choice of Blu-ray Player

I refuse to fall into the trap of monovideogamy. My Blu-ray desires are too wild, too untamed, to ever be satisfied by just one player. Sometimes I might be in the mood for posting social media updates directly from the Sony BDP-S185 about the Blu-ray adventures we’ve shared together. Other moments might find me aroused […]

LEGO Monster Fighters Clock-Your Choice!

When I was young, I thought vampires were long-haired ne’r-do-well’s in fancy French lace. How romantic! I swooned! A rock star! Then I grew up and discovered that rock stars get old, fat, bald and boring. If only I’d known then to always always ALWAYS go with the Vampire Lords and Pharaonic Mummies instead of […]

Your Choice of VIZIO TV

As a fan of serialized television drama, it’s important that I become disappointed in my favorite shows in crystal-clear HDTV picture. Whether I’m bemoaning unexpected twists in Downton Abbey, or warning my friends not to watch the second season of Homeland, I prefer to become frustrated with my favorite series on a refurbed VIZIO. The […]

Put Your Feet Up: Recliners, Your Choice

Look at pictures of World War II, or paintings like Washington Crossing the Delaware, or movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Do you see anybody kicking back and putting their feet up? Do you see anybody lounging around on all-foam cusions covered in rich upholstery? Rather than moving mountains and taming rivers, rather than fulfilling […]

Raincoats – Your Choice

Do any of you remember what it was to be a child in the early 1970s? Some of you do, perhaps, and some of you don’t. And yes, it was a magical time, full of deadly playground equipment and cars without seat belts and well-meaning grandparents who survived World War II and only wanted to […]

Mikasa 50pc Set-Your Choice 3 Styles

“Father,” said the young Lady Salad Fork with stern-yet-laughing eyes, “Surely we could leave Dishwasher Abbey in the care of the teaspoons for a time?” The stern-yet-kind Lady Dinner Fork, matron of Dishwasher Abbey, scoffed. “Leave Dishwasher? Oh! Never have I heard such a thing!” “Mama is right, little one.” Lord Dinner Knife stood by […]

Tinkertoys Building Sets-Your choice!

As a Frankenstein, I believe in two things. The first is that I must spend most of my waking life teaching people the difference between my great-grandfather and my great-grandfather’s monster, and the second is that I must fulfill my destiny to build … at all costs. But “all costs” aren’t as easy to talk […]

Graco Highchair – Your Choice

Bailiff Daddy, bring forth the next defendant! Ah, yes, creamed spinach. It says here you’ve stolen over twenty-five different automobiles. No, no, now is not the time to repent, my lad! That was somewhere around automobile the fifth! Today it is your turn to face justice. Justice most harsh! Have you any statements? No? Very […]