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KidKraft Rocking Chair- 3 Colors

People have always said that boy is an old soul, that he is wise beyond his years. But I honestly didn’t see it until we got him his very own rocking chair. Maybe it’s the classic 2-slat design or the heirloom quality wood, but when he’s rocking in that chair, knitting with those tiny knitting […]

P’kolino Klick Desk – 3 Colors

Do you remember watching Space:1999? Or Star Trek? Or Doctor Who? Or The Prisoner? In every one of those shows, there was someone with a cool office, and a cool chair, and a cool desk. And every kid who saw them thought WOW! I WANT A DESK THAT LOOKS LIKE THE ONE ON insert show […]

Cybex Ruby Stroller – 5 Colors

– Okay, sweetums, Momma’s gonna strap you down in your widdle Cybex Ruby Stroller now! Yes, she is! Yes, she is! – Karen, you’re talking to a lasagna. – Diane, shh! You’ll hurt his feelings and ruin his self-esteem! Auntie Diane didn’t mean, it, sweetums, she’s just projecting. – Projecting! Karen, you’ve got a lasagna […]

2 Pack 50×58 Throws – 4 Colors

“Is … is she here right now?” asked Rod. “Is who here, Rod?” said Pamela with hostility in her voice. “Pamela …” Rod said as he reached across the table for Pamela’s hand. She jerked it quickly away and tucked in under the down alternative throw she had draped over her shoulders. “AS YOU CAN […]

KitchenAid 14Pc Cookware Set – 2 Colors

Phil’s door was unlocked. He knew that meant Danielle was inside making the dinner she promised him, but he still felt that little moment of- what? Shock? Fear? Joy? Did he quietly wish it was a burglar instead? Or was he finally … happy? Danielle was busy chopping things in the kitchen. “Phil? Is that […]

Delta 48-Piece Storage Set – 4 Colors

Mackenzie looked across the room at her little brother Gavin and saw … the future. “Hey, Sis!” Gavin called. “I finished cleaning your room!” “Thanks, Gavin!” Mackenzie shouted from the couch. “You always were the most organized!” “That’s thanks to the 48 piece Delta Storage Sets I grew up with. Remember those? With the closet […]

Kelty Kids Sleeping Bag – 2 Colors

“Well, the woods are sort of relative,” Tim said as he looked out the window. Michelle drank her coffee and rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe you told our daughter she could spend Christmas in a sleeping bag in the backyard, ‘just in case’ Bigfoot happens to wander past.” “She had to learn sometime, honey! […]

Ginsu 4-Piece Steak Knife Set – 3 Colors

The drama was subsiding, her relationship with Phil was growing, it was almost time for the holidays and, in just a few minutes, her Ginsu 4-Piece Steak Knife Set would be clean and ready to use. It was enough to make her want to sing along with her iPod. One knife I think I’ll use […]

KitchenAid 14Pc Cookware Set – 2 Colors

Kent was different from all the others. So easy to talk to. So down-to-Earth. In a city of boastful loudmouths who expect a girl to fall at their feet just because they throw a dollar around, he seemed like the kind of guy who cared about the real things. To someone like me, one of […]

Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor -2 Colors

A heaping bowl of pesto for you, a heaping bowl of pesto for me, and dinner is served. Go ahead, dig in! I just made it fresh in my Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor. Yes, honey, I know that generally you put pesto ON stuff – that you don’t usually just throw the ingredients into your […]