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Flash In The Brain Pan: Asleep Walk

Good morning! Aw, what’s wrong? Tired out from the week that was? We understand. But you’ve got to push yourself through the day. Just finish what you’re doing, even you’re not really able to concentrate. Here. we found a game to help. It’s called Asleep Walking     You’re that shadowy guy who moves like […]

Flash In The Brain Ban: Fisher-Diver

Fisher-Diver is a strange game, honestly. You’re not a person, you’re a little Death Star, or maybe a transparent olive. But you come from a long line of strong Death Olives, and you’re trying to live up to the family tradition. You’ve brought your boat into the ocean to be a fisherman, and uphold the […]

Flash In The Brain Pan: Wonderputt

Ever wondered what it would be like to play miniature golf inside that Sesame Street Pinball machine? Today Wonderputt‘s gonna answer the question for you.     The course of Wonderputt unfolds as you play. You’ll see a UFO capture cows as they eat an empty field, or skiers appear after a heavy snow. And […]

Flash In The Brain Pan: Jewelanche

Jewelanche looks pretty easy on the surface. Just connect the dots, and make gems vanish.     Of course, like all games with one sentence of rules, each level will be faster than the last, and you’ll eventually die in frustration. But at least the concept is easy to grasp. By drawing the mouse over […]

Flash In The Brain Pan: Pogo Swing

There was a time when the playground was sacred. As long as kids weren’t chanting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT the teachers would stand over in the corner and ignore all the stupid playground games. Want to throw a kickball at someone’s head? Sure! Want to go down the slide face-first? Builds character! Want to to a […]

Flash In The Brain Pan: Coinbox Hero

Why did you play Mario games? The jumping puzzles? The storyline? No, shut up, stop lying, you played it for the coins, we all did. Partly to kill turtles and partly to get coins. And how many times did your heart break when you had to leave a perfectly good and unfinished coinbox behind? Hundreds? […]

Flash In The Brain Pan: Deep And Blue

Today we’re going all peaceful with our game selection, so if you were hoping for a chance to shoot up some aliens, you’ll have to look somewhere else. Today we’re playing Deep and Blue, a puzzle-like game where you’ve got to make some old fashioned clicks to enjoy the story.     In Deep and […]

Flash In The Brain Pan: Molecularia

We all know a stupid amount of useless trivia, don’t we? But imagine if Pokemon were instead named after elements of the periodic table. Or if the Justice League was based on principles of engineering. Imagine if all that tedious stuff could be hidden inside the things we consider fun. How smart would we be […]

Get an 8GB Kingston flash drive for $7.99

Or, if you don’t like yellow, you can get a red 8GB Kingston flash drive for just a buck more. Either way, shipping is free. The Cheapskate

Centon DataStick Pro 32GB USB Flash Drive – $24.99

Buried Treasure There‚Äôs gold in them there USB Flash Drives. Legend has it that Thornton B. Centon, reclusive billionaire and founder of Centon Electronics, buried his treasure in one of these here 32GB USB flash drives. Legend has it that upon his deathbed, as his twelve spoiled-rotten children begged him to reveal the secret of […]