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Cold Steel Voyager Folding Knife

Use this: to etch special scenes onto your “Star Trek: Voyager” DVD box set, bit by bit. Don’t use this: while it’s still folded, dummy! In 99.9% of uses, this doesn’t: result in cursing and appendage-elevation. Some skeptics wonder: whether one more knife in your collection will make everything better. Left to its own devices, […]

Smith’s Electric Knife Sharpener

Knives can be intimidating to people. I mean, intimidating in more ways than just having one brandished threateningly at you. Some people are afraid to get too involved in the kitchen because the preparation; chopping, slicing, dicing, and all that can be scary when you’re worried about a super sharp knife removing your fingertips. But […]

CRKT 6480 Pazoda Folding Knife

Use this: to ascend higher in the ranks of the Knives of Columbus. Don’t use this: to pull a Pagoda from The Royal Tenenbaums. The experts say: the gray titanium nitride coating is “The grayest coating on the market.” If you owned this, people would say: “That’s not a — my apologies, sir. I was […]

Shun DMS286 6″ Serrated & 8″ Chef Knife

“Okay, Hinkle.” Miller set the Shun 2-Piece Knife Set out on the desk. “Must we?” Hinkle rolled his eyes. “I was hoping to see The Hobbit today.” “It’ll be there for weeks. My pantomime is only ‘for one day only’ and today, Hinkle, is that one day.” SHUN CLASSIC 6″ SERRATED KNIFE: Oh! I’m so […]

JosephJoseph Elevate Knife Set

The Santoku was versatile Just useful enough To trim off the part Of the meat that’d be tough. And Pamela with her paring And Sylvia with her Chef’s Made quick work of the vegetables With fast chopping slaps When off by the stove Was a horrible clatter! Craig had knocked over the knife block And […]

Ginsu 4-Piece Steak Knife Set – 3 Colors

The drama was subsiding, her relationship with Phil was growing, it was almost time for the holidays and, in just a few minutes, her Ginsu 4-Piece Steak Knife Set would be clean and ready to use. It was enough to make her want to sing along with her iPod. One knife I think I’ll use […]

Rachael Ray 3-Piece Knife Set

Sure, it might just look like a set of three knives, but there is legend that, when the time comes, they will combine powers to form a new knife, a knife the likes of which this world has never seen before, but a knife that this world needs. When will the time be right? Whenever […]

CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife

Whenever things just aren’t going so well at the poker table, I play it safe and fold. And by fold, I mean unfold my CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife. It’s weird: everyone else I’ve talked to seems to think folding is a bad thing, that it’s like giving up. But whenever I use the oval blade […]

Cold Steel Voyager Folding Knife

“Okay gang, today we’re looking at the Cold Steel Folding Knife. It’s a great little knife made from Japanese AUS 8A Stainless Steel with a Stone Wash Finish and a Tri-Ad lock mechanism for a strong, durable, low-maintenance lock. What do you think?” “I thought it was nice.” “Yeah, me too.” “Perfectly adequate knife.” “I […]

CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife

“Want to take a guess why I’ve called you in here again, Jerry?” “I assume it’s some sort of award for exemplary service.” “No. Not even close. It’s the knife. You know it’s the knife.” “My CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife? What seems to be the issue?” “You know what the issue is. It’s the same […]