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Summerland Vineyard Designate Pinot (3)

Hey, I been working this wine gym thirty years, mac. I seen ’em all. I can tell ya who’s gonna be one of the greats the second they walk through that door. And I’ll say it today: that kid they called Pinot? He could’a been a world champ. I knew it the moment he walked […]

Gauthier Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir (3)

At the signing of the treaty, Pork Medallions was restless. “They said they’d be here!” The succulent meat paced across the marble hall. “Where are they? WHERE?” “Patience,” counseled Grilled Chicken Breast. “They brought us this far. They wouldn’t leave us behind now.” Near the window, Salmon Seared With Freshly Ground Black Pepper nodded. “Pork, […]

J. Dusi Paso Robles Pinot Grigio

First of all, it is delicious and refreshing. On the nose it is a summer bouquet of freesia. Secondly, it is perfectly normal to experience a hint of wildflowers popping up when you swirl the wine around in the glass. Figuratively speaking, of course. What is NOT normal is perceiving that an actual bouquet of […]

Tramonto Russian River Rose of Pinot (5)

The trouble with these 2011 wines is that they lack experience. This can be good when it comes to taste, but horrible when you try to take your wine to, say, a Mortal Kombat style pit fight. Then they’re all “Oh no!” and “Take me home!”  and “Can’t we just go to the opera and […]

Philip Shaw Australian Pinot Noir (2)

Have you heard the rumor? Apparently Philip Shaw is sending secret messages in the names of his wines! Now, don’t quote us, but here’s everything we know about the 2005 Philip Shaw No. 8 Pinot Noir, Orange Australia, Koomooloo Vineyard 750ml 2-Pack based on what we assume are secret messages. 1) No. 8 refers to […]

Walnut City WineWorks Oregon Pinot (5)

Everybody’s heart has a home. Maybe it’s not where they live, but it’s where they want to be most of all. For a squirrel like me, that place is Walnut City. I’m not there now, but when I open this wine (with much struggle because of my tiny paws) it all rushes back to me […]

Eastburn Vineyards Oregon Pinot Noir

“Ahhh. Pinot Noir. The fragrance of choice for 12-year-old boys circa 1992.” I’m pretty sure you mean “Drakkar Noir” the cologne. Pinot Noir is a wine. Like this 2007 Eastburn Vineyards Estate with racy tannins and lovely notes of plum. “Well whatever it was, it singed the nostrils. Smelled like a mixture of wet dog […]

Bernardus Black Tie Pinot Noir (2)

The snow beats down on the roof that hangs over my burnt out burnout’s apartment. I take an icepack out of the freezer, or try to, but I remember that I had to pawn the ice pack for wine money. Instead I just flop back down and rub my head where the brute hit me, […]

Plush Reserve Pinot Noir (4)

Will-AM-It, Will-UH-Met. Either way, it drinks the same. The difference is the company you keep while doing so. If you want to waste this beautifully crafted and polished bright garnet wine with a rich essence of fresh Bing cherries, pomegranates and blueberries on your fly-over friends, hey, that’s your prerogative. But just so there’s no […]

Expression 44? Pinot Noir Random (2)

You are a Pinot I took a peek Bottled by Expression 44 degrees Your taste is balanced But you must see We can’t Be sure What you will be You will get two Yes, you will get two Sent to you straight away They’ll come right to you But they’ll be random Chosen at random […]