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Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

Imaging: Lens Mount: Samsung NX Camera Format: APS-C (1.5x Crop Factor) Pixels: 20.3 Megapixel Sensor Type / Size: CMOS, 23.5 x 15.7 mm File Formats: Still Images: JPEG, RAW Movies: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Audio: AAC Dust Reduction System: Y Memory Card Type: SD (up to 128GB) SDHC (up to 128GB) SDXC (up to 128GB) Image Stabilization: […]

Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

Just an FYI, this is a 3D  Blu-ray Player, A REAL BLU-RAY PLAYER! We only mention this because there’ve been a lot of different products that aren’t real Blu-Ray Players trying to capitalize on Blu-Ray’s success. Like: Blue-Ray Players: will play all your favorite movies, but makes color is a shade of blue. Boo-Ray Players: turns […]

Samsung 40″ 1080p 3D LED HDTV

It’s so … breathtaking. “It really is. I’m so glad we got up in time to watch this.” Me too. I love being here with you. Enjoying this beautiful viewing experience together. “When I look at it, it’s like I’m seeing this whole new world, or new reality for the very first time.” The colors […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB 10.1″ Tablet

Musicians know that a note is the smallest unit of measurement. If you ask a musician what time it is, they say “Four measures past six!” If you ask a musician what kind of sandwich they want, they say “Get me a twelve-bar meatball combo!” And if they want a tablet? Get ’em a Galaxy […]

Samsung Tab 2 7″ or 10″ w/ Accessory Kit

Hey, sandwich guys, calm down. We’re not judging anyone. Quite the opposite, in fact. We’re celebrating a great new direction in marketing! Now we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that words don’t mean a THING when you see them in advertisements! And doesn’t that free us from the constraints of, you know, reality? […]

Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

Sure, the price is good, but just HD and 3D and WiFi? Is that all? I mean, that’s fine for my grandma or somebody like that. You know, people who are still impressed by crisper-than-reality three-dimensional images. But why should I settle for that? I want full-surround hologramic images with OdorReady ambient airflow and TactileSense […]

Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

When you’re taking photos with your phone, sure, whatever. They’re only going to Facebook or getting wrecked in an Instagram filter. Even though your grandparents used to value that kind of photo, you know. And you’re just throwing it out ironically and laughing. Deee-sgusting. But for the photos you want to keep? Well, that’s different. […]

Samsung 32″ 1080p 3D LED HDTV

It happens every year. Some little liberal-arts school launches a halfcourt buzzer-beater to knock one of the titans out, and you just lose control. Of your movements. Of your emotions. Of your bowels. Of everything. The next thing you know, you’re coming to in a mess of smashed home theater components, crushed pretzels, and splattered […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 32GB

You should have seen the look on his face when he first saw the Revolutionary S Pen. He was so confused. First he tried picking his teeth with it. Then I caught him trying to use it like a chopstick. When I explained to him that a pen was something that people used to use […]

Samsung 40″ 1080p 3D LED Smart TV

Come on in, guys! We’re just about to watch the Common Year ball drop, live from Newsday Square in Staten Island. Gather ’round our new Samsung 1080p 3D TV and we’ll all count it in together. At our house, celebrating Common Year is a cherished yearly tradition. Well, three out of every four years. First, […]