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The WAVE Weight Loss System

Use this: for core strengthening without a huge commitment of dollars, time, space, or gasoline. That’s right – the Wave uses NO gasoline! Don’t use this: at the ballgame. Wrong “Wave.” The experts say: if the number of sculpting & toning exercises you do doesn’t reach the low three digits, you might as well not […]

Filtrete Four Bottle Water Filter System

Sure does. Brings me back to the old days on the farm. Ma or Pa would ring the bell to start the day, and Suzy, Missy, Pearl, and I would get ready to do our chores. We’d run out into the fields, the sun hitting our back. Our dogs, Scruffy and Jingles, running across the […]

Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

Use this: to get that old-school landline feel without the old-school landline billz. Don’t use this: to sit patiently by until your ex calls you. It’s time to move on. Also, he/she doesn’t know this number. Some skeptics wonder: whether you have a phone at all, given that you never call anybody back. If you […]

Onkyo Wireless Music System w/ AirPlay

Sometimes I don’t want commitment. I don’t want to have to settle down, make any promises, or any of that. I also don’t want to deal with the pageantry or the politeness of setting myself up with a stereo. I just want my music, quick and easy, and that’s what the Onkyo Wireless Music System […]

Denon 5.1CH A/V Home Theater System

Use this: with your 3D TV, your 3D home, and your 3D corporeal self. Don’t use this: to watch “Alvin and the Chipmunks” or your brains will transform into a rich meringue. Lost in the wilderness with only this product, you could survive by: luring echolocating bats with nature documentaries about delectable moths. If you owned […]

Denon 5.1CH A/V Home Theater System

We love going to the movies as much as anyone. The giant screen and the fresh popcorn are only a few of the many reasons that seeing a movie in the theaters is such a desirable option. But then there are the negatives: the couple making out next to you, the gum underneath your seat […]

Onkyo 5.1CH 3D-Ready Home Theater System

You may have noticed that this home theater system features a subwoofer, which adds powerful low-frequency impact. But, hey – we don’t need to tell you that! After all, if you’re here shopping on Tech.Woot you know full-well what a subwoofer is! But you might not be familiar with the many other woofers. For example: […]

Klipsch iGroove SXT iPod Speaker System

Use this: because it’s not a matter of whether they WANT to; the fact is your coworkers NEED to hear your podcast. Don’t use this: to hold a bunch of papers together. That’s a clip, not a Klipsch. On this product’s car, there is a bumper sticker that reads: “iBrake for Phat Beatz.” Lost in […]

Zmodo 8CH/4Cam Sony CCD Security System

Last week, while he was taking the trash out, Don paused and seemed to look around as if he felt someone was watching him. Then, while she was working in the garden, Laura just happened to move some potted plants right where they’d obstruct my Zmodo 4-Camera Security System from getting a full view of […]

Professional Teeth Whitening System

Zero out of 10 dentists recommend whitening your teeth with a belt sander or an oscillating tool like this one on our new Tools & Garden site. So, instead, you should just buy this Professional Teeth Whitening System. Eight out of 10 dentists* recommend following Dr. George E. Kirtley’s regimen that uses both Hydrogen Peroxide […]