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Tango TRX Bluetooth Speaker w/30pin Dock

The experts say: this dock’s midrange drivers, tweeters, and subwoofer will provide dynamic sound for all your This American Life episodes.
Left to its own devices, this: will pretty much just sit there, to be honest.
Lost in the wilderness with only this product, you could survive by: bludgeoning squirrels with it and then eating them raw.
The contagious disease named after this product is called: 30-Pin Measles
If you owned this, people would say: “Turn that crap down.”

  • Dual 2.75″ Ported Drivers
  • Dual 1.4″ Dome Tweeters
  • Downward Firing Subwoofer: 3.5″
  • Total Power: 30W RMS
  • Line-in Sensitivity: 500mV RMS
  • Bass Control @ 100Hz: +/- 8dB
  • Treble Control @ 10kHz: +/- 8dB
  • SNR: > 80dB
  • Dimensions: 13.75″(W) x 5.9″(H) x 4.25″(D)

In the box:

  • XtremeMac IPUTRX11REF Tango TRX Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker with 30-pin iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock
  • Remote Control
  • AC Adapter
  • iPod Adapters



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