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The FIRM Weighted Gloves & Core Ball Kit

Use this: because your desk chair’s just not bouncy enough.

Don’t use this: to play basketball. Trust us, you won’t score many points trying to shoot this ball through the hoop.

If this was a character in a sitcom, its catchphrase would be: “If I sit here any longer, I’m going to start FIRM-enting!”

When irradiated, this product will bite you, giving you the power to: workout all of your core muscles. But then again, that’s what it does sans radiation too, so it’s kinda like, why irradiate, am I right?

At the local watering hole, this would order: a pink lady, to match its pink weighted gloves.

Made in China

In the box:

(1) Gaiam 05-58617 The FIRM: Slim & Sculpt Core Stability Ball Kit includes:

  • Core Stability 65cm Ball
  • Workout DVD
  • Dual-Action Pump

(1 ) Gaiam 05-58624 The FIRM: Weighted Cardio Gloves Kit includes:

  • (1 Pair ) Weighted Cardio Gloves
  • Workout DVD




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