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Fila Skele-Toes (Your Choice)

“Hey Bob.” Hey, Dave. “Going for a run?” Yeah. Don’t wanna lose my girlish figure. “I see you’re wearing those Fila Skele-Toes. You’re into the whole barefoot running phenomenon, huh?” Nah, not really. I just wear these instead of regular running shoes because they keep Addie entertained. I try to get in at least 5 […]

Harold’s Choice Pickles – 11 Pack

Ingredients: Hand selected cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, dill, garlic, and red peppers (for Frances Cowley) or Haberno peppers (for Purdy Hot, Dern Hot, and Original Beer Pickles) Harold’s Texicun Gorway UNYIN’s: Onions, Vinegar, Sugar, Habaneros, Salt, Citric Acid In the box: (2) 16oz Jars of Frances Cowley’s Cellar Style Dill Pickles (2) 16oz Jars of […]

Compost Wizard (Your Choice)

Yeah, boo hoo, your foster parents spoiled some other kid. At least you had a room. I had to learn how to be a wizard out in the back yard on wheeled base. Every day, I’d be told “turn 7 cubic feet of waste into compost” and if I didn’t? Well, there’d be no sausages […]

Chooty Hooded Pet Bed 36″ x 26″ – Your Choice

“Have you seen the new Chooty Hooded Pet Bed that Jim got for Rufus?” Yeah. Cute little Rufus gets a new pet bed, with microsuede fabric and a hood to keep him warm. And what do we get? We get to stare at this inanimate scuba diver, who I’m honestly not even sure is real. […]

Italian Molded Pillows – Your Choice

I thought these Big Tree Italian Molded Pillows were the answer to my sleep problems. I thought that I’d finally be able to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest on 100% premium Italian molded memory foam that conforms to the shape of my head and neck. I thought for sure that, with features like unique vertical […]

LEGO Watches- Your Choice

And now, in tribute to this LEGO Atlantis watch and LEGO Bionicle watch (your choice) may we present a reading of grand poetry! From the master himself, Samuel Taylor LEGOlridge. Please enjoy: The Rhyme Of The Ancient LEGO Guy. It is an ancient LEGO guy And a watch accompanies he ‘By thy colors bright, what […]

Your Choice: Stackable Storage Cabinet

How many great men and women have been brought down by their cabinet? Caesar? You bet! And, um, lots of others too! That’s why every politican knows how VITAL it is to choose a cabinet carefully. Just as you must choose this Stackable Storage Cabinet carefully too. See the lovely clear acrylic on that one? […]

Your Choice Showerheads

Each of these shower heads has several different varied flow patterns, but did you know they each have several hidden flow patterns? Well, it’s true. Here’s a few that you can unlock if you know the secrets: Gentle Mist Gentle Myst Is that pins and needles? No, it’s a shower! Steaming Hot Surprise! Fire Hose […]

LEGO Monster Fighters Clock-Your Choice!

Dearest Vampire and Darling Mummy, By the time you read this, I will be far, far, far away. Know it is not because I do not love you; rather, it is because I love each of you too much. You, my sweet, sweet Count, with your snooze function and LCD screen. And you, my handsome […]

Lil’ Rider FX Motorcycles- Your choice!

Freedom and speed. The first time your child takes their tricycle down a hill, they know it. Like peanut butter and chocolate, they’re two things that are made for each other. And once you have a little, you’re always going to want more. But isn’t that what our nation is about? Isn’t that what it […]