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starting in safe mode

Depending on your issue sometimes technician need access to your computer via windows safe mode option to be able to work on your computer.

To start in Safe Mode follow these guidelines:

Starting your computer in Windows XP Safe Mode can help you diagnose and solve many serious problems, especially when starting normally is not possible.

To begin entering Windows XP Safe Mode, turn your PC on or restart it.

When your monitor goes blank, repeatedly press the F8 key to enter the Windows Advanced Options Menu. Once you see the menu, use the arrow keys and scroll down to Safe Mode with Networking and press ENTER

After choosing the safe mode option you will be prompted with your OS selection, select your OS (if not highlighted already) and press ENTER

To enter Windows XP Safe Mode, you must log on with an administrator account or an account that has administrator permissions.

Note: If you’re not sure if any of your personal accounts have administrator privileges, choose the Administrator account by clicking on it.

Once your logged in you will see a dialog window notifing you that your working in safe mode, go ahead and click YES
Now you should see your desktop, you may now continue to download the remote support tool, for instruction on our tool please click here