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Razer Hydra PC Gaming Controllers

Use this: because your thumbs have been feeling down from working so many long, thankless hours on the spacebar. Don’t use this: in your math class as an example of radial symmetry. Just because the small genus of freshwater animals from which it gets its name possesses radial symmetry doesn’t mean this controller does too. […]

Corsair Analog Gaming Headset

Use this: to extract pleasure from your sound card, as a vampire bat extracts succulent blood from a haunch. Don’t use this: to talk to your mom on Skype, unless you are playing some kind of game with her. Some kind of MIND GAME. If this were a sports broadcaster, it would say: “I’m wearing […]

Optoma HD Gaming Projector

The steel mill closed, and the town of Hard Luck, Ohio all but closed with it. The folks had never known a life without the mill, and with the employer of 90% of the population gone things didn’t take long to deteriorate. Most notably, though, the spirit of the town degraded. People can’t go on […]

Your Choice of Razer Gaming Keyboard

Use these: when you wanna type like a gamer, and game like typist! Don’t use these: if the sounds of typing make you think someone is knocking on your door. In 99.9% of uses, these don’t: grow extra keys featuring strange hieroglyphics. The genie living inside this item is named: Abcdef. But he goes by […]

Alienware Aurora R3 Core i7 Gaming PC

Use this: to play Crysis 3 at maximum settings. Or to play 100 games of Grim Fandango at once. Don’t use this: expecting the liquid cooling to keep your palms from sweating. Lost in the wilderness with only this product, you could survive by: catching opossums in the easy-access chassis. This product grants its owner: […]

Optoma HD Gaming Projector

Mr. Mayor, I know you’re still riding high after the recent election where you secured both the liberal and the conservative vote – quite an impressive feat, by the way – but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. If you want to hold office for at least a few more terms, you’re going to […]

Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse

Lightweight, Fingertip-Grip 5 Button Mouse 5600 DPI Laser Sensor Ultrapolling (1000Hz Polling / 1ms Response) APM-Lighting System Button Force Adjustment Always-On Mode Ultra-large Non-slip Buttons 16-bit Ultra-wide Data Path 200 Inches per Second and 50g of Acceleration Zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet Gold-plated USB Connector Braided 7 Foot USB Cable Dimensions: 3.94″(L) x 2.60″(W) x 1.45″(H) […]

Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard

You know how the military’s drone planes are controlled by folks sitting behind monitors thousands of miles away? Well, guess what: If you’ve ever played a first-person shooter, you have unwittingly participated in the army’s “drone soldier” program, controlling a robotic soldier on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan! Cool, right?? Promote the socio-military interests […]

Motorola Gaming Headset for PC

We’ve caught some heat from our community in the past for selling these Motorola PC Gaming Headsets because they are sort of, in a way, one could say, for lack of a better phrase, in some sense, not good. Now, we usually try to sell things that are good. And maybe our community could cut […]

Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

Ergonomic form factor and tournament-grade layout 16 fully programmable Hyperesponse keys Programmable 8-way directional thumb pad and scroll wheel Instantaneous switching between 8 key maps Unlimited macro lengths Stores up to 20 different game profiles Adjustable soft-touch wrist pad for exceptional comfort Backlit keypad and scroll wheel for total control even in dark conditions Enhanced […]