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Guy Fieri Chopper 5.5″ Santoku Knife

It’s finally here! Legendary director Berdinand Brooster brings his hit one-knife musical to the shining lights of the big city. In a story that mixes comedy with drama, a famous knife travels to a small town to chop its biggest onion in front of a live studio audience. Will it successfully make the cut, or […]

CRKT Lake Thunderbolt Knife (4 Options)

Use this: and you’re basic counting skills to find out how close the Lightningbolt Knife is. Don’t use this: to improve your standup comedy act. Just because it has a C and a K in its name, doesn’t mean it’s automatically funny.  For its audition to appear on the site, this product used a monolog […]

Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Folding Knife

“?A donde vas, vaquero?” “A las montanas. La lluvia caia alli la semana pasada y el hato se desea hierba verde.” “Usted trae a su Cold Steel Vaquero Voyager navaja, ?no?” “Si. Por supuesto. La hoja de sierra con me servira bien en la pradera.” “Hay algo extrano con usted, Pablo. Hay algo extrano con […]

Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Folding Knife

Use this: for its intended purpose of cutting things. Don’t use this: as a drinking straw. Its performance would be poor and the risk of mouth injury is high. Benjamin Franklin said of this: “They who can give up essential heat-treated high-carbon Japanese AUS 8A steel to obtain a little temporary shearing potential deserve neither […]

Smith’s Electric Knife Sharpener

But if you do that, what kind of friend would you be? Then again, if they don’t sharpen your knives, what kind of friend could THEY be? And if you have to ask this question in the first place, what’s REALLY the bond you even share with this friend? Look, it’s obvious now that you […]

JosephJoseph Elevate Knife Set

Dimensions:  Dia 6.5″ x H 14.5″ In the Box: (1) JosephJoseph 10077 Elevate Knife Carousel Set includes: (1) 4″ Paring Knife (1) 5″ Serrated Knife (1) 5.5″ Santoku Knife (1) 6.5″ Chef’s Knife (1) 8″ Serrated Bread Knife (1) 8″ Carving Knife (1) Rotating Knife Block   Woot

Fissler Passion Knife Block Set

Sure. Things are pretty great for you now, Fissler Passion knives. You’re the five most popular knives in your stunning beechwood block right now. But heed my warning. Don’t let it go to your corrosion-resistant chromium molybdenum vanadium steel heads. One day, and sooner than you think, someone is going to look at your hand-ground […]

Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Folding Knife

Use this: when events are getting tense and escalating and you need to quickly… uh, open a box or something. Don’t use this: as a flotation device. It doesn’t float. If you traveled to the past, people would think this was a: really cool knife. People in the past weren’t total idiots, you know. The […]

Shun 8″ Chef’s Knife

PLEASE REMEMBER: This Limited Edition Shun 8″ Chef’s Knife DOES make a lovely gift, to others or to yourself. However, it is not a gift for every occasion. Make very certain you know the dos and do nots of knife owning before choosing this Limited Edition Shun 8″ Chef’s Knife. DO: Give this Limited Edition […]

Rachael Ray 3-Piece Knife Set

Here are some knives. They’re branded with Rachael Ray. They can be used to cut things. You could cut things just like Rachael Ray does! Imagine! Chopping and slicing and dicing just like that smiling lady on the television. Maybe there’s a pot and pan set with Rachael Ray’s name on them. Can you imagine?! […]