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HP Quad-Core Desktop w/ 12GB DDR3

“… 99 … AHHH! 100.” Hey man, what’s going on? “Oh, you know. Just working out my quad-core.” With … with your computer? “Yeah. It’s the latest thing. The HP Quad-Core Desktop workout.” Huh. So … how do you do it? “That’s the best part. It’s super easy. You just lift the tower above your […]

HP 17.3″ Quad-Core i7 Laptop

Specifications: Processor: Intel Core i7-3610QM (2.3GHz) Processor Core: Quad-Core Screen Size: 17.3″ Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Resolution: 1600 x 900 Display Type: HD+ BrightView LED-backlit Graphics: Intel HD 4000 (up to 1696MB) Memory: 8GB DDR3 (expandable to 16GB) Hard Drive: 1TB SATA (5400rpm) with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection Optical Drive: SuperMulti DVD?RW Network: 10/100/1000Mbps Wireless: […]

HP Quad-Core Desktop

Specifications: Processor: AMD Trinity A10-5700 (3.4GHz) Processor Core: Quad-Core Memory: 8GB DDR3 (PC3-12800) Max Memory: 32GB Memory Slots: 4 Graphics: Radeon HD 7660D Hard Drive: 2TB SATA (7200rpm) Optical Drive: SuperMulti DVD?RW Audio Chipset: Integrated IDT 92HD73E Sound: HD 7.1 Surround Sound Network: 10/100/1000Mbps Base-T Wireless: 802.11b/g/n Front Panel: 15-in-1 Card Reader: (SM, MS, SD, miniSD, […]

HP 17.3″ Quad-Core Laptop

CORE 1 All right, everybody, time to wake up. It’s boot-up time. CORE 3 Wha–who? Where am I? Oh, OK. It’s all right. I was having that dream again. CORE 1 The overclocking dream? CORE 3 Yeah. I was doing a huge After Effects render, and the User just kept demanding that I go faster […]

Asus 27″ Quad-Core i5 AIO Desktop

Use this: for a wide variety of many computations! Such as advanced and/or beginning computations! Don’t use this: in any capacity that requires you to put sunglasses on it and make it drink tea through its Tray-in SuperMulti DVD?RW drive. Some skeptics wonder: if it’s really a computer at all and not just some super-advanced […]

HP 17.3″ Quad-Core i7 Laptop

Hello friends, family, and countryman, My hands are freezing cold right now, so I’ll keep this brief. I am sending you this email from the tip-top Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in the continental United States, to prove that my HP Pavilion is toppest laptop that exists in all the land. Now, you’re probably thinking […]

HP Quad-Core Desktop w/ 12GB RAM

Use this: to ring in the new year with a product that we’ve never sold before! Don’t use this: as a vase. Because that doesn’t make any sense. It’s a computer. Not a vase. If this is buried in a field, what grows in its place is: a tree, on whose branches will grow thousands […]

HP 27″ 1080p Quad-Core i5 AIO w/ Blu-ray

DAYBREAK New York City The light burrows its way through the early morning fog, needling through the lanes between skyscrapers. The Silver Falcon sits perched atop a gargoyle, surveying his city from high above. His ribs still ache and groan from the battle with ElectroRaptor. His neo-biomechanical armor sparks and stutters as it begins the […]

HP 17.3″ Quad-Core Laptop

So you’ve taken it upon yourself to address the mounting military-diplomatic crisis building in the Middle East. Good for you. Somebody had to step up and tackle this thing single-handedly, and we can think of no better candidate than you, intrepid Wooter. If you’re going to do this thing – if you’re REALLY going to […]

HP 17.3″ Quad-Core i7 Laptop

All you techies take a looky at this Grab your wallets and click don’t miss All you techies take a looky at this Grab your wallets and click don’t miss Just buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it now Click it good, buy this HP just like you should Right now, click […]